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A brighter tomorrow in this COVID_19 pandemic.

Wow, well hasn’t it been a wild week or so, I can honestly say I have never felt like I was drowning in the world as much as on Monday the 23rd of March. I haven’t lived at home for 5 years and I have never wanted a hug from my family as bad as I do now. This is a down to earth post to let you all know that it’s ok to not to be ok, and at this particular juncture we all have a lot of thinking time and we need each other more now than ever before.

Mt Cook

At this point in isolation I believe you may be falling into a reflective period, thinking about your life, what you’ve been doing, what you’ve done to be where you are today and for a lot, if not most people this may bring a lot of anguish. But please when you’re reflecting, be kind, I know this may be hard, but reflect on the positive moments, the moments that have made you proud, give yourself a pat on the back for being where you are today because I can 100% tell you, you have worked damn hard to be where you are now. Don’t sell yourself short of your achievements, we have all fought our own battles, each person has their own, even if someones seems to have all their shit together on the outside I can most definantly say, they too are fighting their own battles.

Be kind to yourself, it’s all good and well being the loveliest, sweetest person to everyone else, but remember to be kind to yourself too. This is an amazing opportunity to practice self love and work on all the things you’ve been putting on hold for the chaos of life.

Only say stuff to yourself that you would say to other people.

There is absolutely no need to make this time harder on yourself than it needs to be.

Get in touch with people that make you sparkle, tell them what they mean to you, make them sparkle too, spread the love. This is a scary time for a lot of people, the unknown is a little like the darkness, it creeps in and fills all the voids.

So shed some light in these dark times and remember a smile goes a mile.

Mt Cook

I have never felt more lost than in this pandemic, to be stuck 19194.34 km away from home, all out of options with no one to hold my hand and say it’s going to be ok. I pushed myself to exhaustion trying to find somewhere to stay for the lockdown, a safe haven, but every avenue closed mid day of the lockdown announcement Monday the 23rd of March, all the job opportunities I was about to embark on and places to stay were all gone. With the campsites, hostels, hotels and free camps closing down in less than 40 hours I was left option-less and broken along with 1,000’s of other backpackers and van lifers. With most my friends all flying out of the country left right and centre with few succeeding, many having quit their jobs, sold their vans to arrive at the airport and their flights having been canceled and left with nothing.

Stuck, Broken, and Done.

Backpacker’s and Van’lifers have a bad rap now in New Zealand, people assuming we’ve just arrived and brought the virus over or that we should go back to our country, but for a lot of us that’s just not possible.

Sadly most of the virus that was brought to New Zealand was by kiwi’s returning home from traveling. Secondly with flights home going for around $32,000 it’s just not feasible for a lot of us. Thankfully I was thrown a life line, and now have a job on a dairy farm near Otago. Nonetheless, as a lot of you know a farm is the last place you would ever find me, having grown up on one and finding it incurably boring, this for now is my life and my safe haven, I am forever grateful to have running water, electricity and four walls in this moment in time.

I now have 1,000 four legged friends to chat to everyday and to keep me occupied and on my toes at all the hours imaginable.

For more about my exciting farm life you can follow me on my Instagram.

Arthur's Pass

My plans have been snatched from my hands, a NZ ski season, retuning to university in the UK, I was ready to go home, I was ready to see my friends and family and settle down, to be around my loved ones, this is something I really yearn for.

Just to be somewhere that loves me.

Having spent the most amazing 6 months traveling around in the van on my own, it’s made me really respect family and friends. How important they are, how amazing it feels just talking to people that know you, not forcing conversation with random people every day. Life just comes easily, the feeling that people care about you, not just another passer by, or even now in this pandemic, a look of disgust when people see me, and see that i’m a traveller. It’s just simply heart breaking and it makes those 19194.34 km ever more prominent.

So please guys, it’s ok not to be ok, and accept that this is a crazy time and our lives have been turned upside down, but please don’t close yourself off from your loved ones, because they too need you, they too are experiencing this madness.

We need each other now more than ever before, we are social beings and creating social distancing is where poor mental health thrives, so let’s stick together and shine brighter than ever before, enough to help keep that darkness at bay.

It's ok to not be ok

I can honestly say that even a text in my most loneliest and distanced of times, has brought light to the darkest of moments, and believe me there have been many, I too fight my own battles, but together there will always be a brighter tomorrow.

Remember that “if it’s not ok it’s not the end”

And together we can do this shit.

So please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat, a simple message or a shoulder to lean on (metaphorically) I will always be here. You will find kindness and light in the darkest of places.



There is no day without night, and understand the darkness can be beautiful too, just look at the stars. It’s what we make it, you wouldn’t notice them if you didn’t step outside into the dark, just remember that.

Sometimes you have to make the first step.

Lots of love from me x

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New Zealand's tourist marketing campaign is to wish the world good morning everyday, from different Kiwi's in all parts of New Zealand. As it's to be said that New Zealand is the first to see the sun rise everyday so only right to wish the world a good morning and a good day.

So of course I thought hell YEAH, I want to join in. So I've been wishing the world good morning every morning from each of our locations, so stay tuned.

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