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A Whole New TECHY World

Following on from last weeks guide books and traditional travel research methods, today’s will move on to the new age of Savvy techy research, such as podcasts, vlogs, blogs and travel websites, hoping to make your next step into adventures somewhat easier.

A quick link back to last week, I’ve figured out how to use the e-book, I think I prefer it, you can click from chapter to chapter save sections and highlight and write notes. So I think I prefer. Hay, hay, Travel Savvy is becoming tech Savvy.

Also a quick side note, sat writing this blog with a pug buddy, officially the best writing buddy out there!


A fun and easy way to research whilst carrying on with your busy life and simultaneously widening your knowledge of the world. I love listening to podcasts, whilst cleaning/ in the evening before going to sleep/ whilst walking to work and sometimes at work depending on what job I’m doing. Below I have listed some of the helpful travel podcasts I have discovered that are well worth a listen, if you have some spare ear time.

Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

An award winning audio travel show, focussing on where you should go next, what you should do next, and what you should see, do and eat there. Each podcasts addresses specific destinations, Bali, Thailand, India, Route 66, Greece, etc.

Flight of Fancy

I was listening to ‘The ‘bucket-list’ experiences every traveller should do (at least once in their life)’on my way to work the other day, and it put me in a really good mood, firstly because it made me so excited to do all of these exciting things, but it also reminded me why I do the work and hours that I do (so I can fund these exciting experiences).

Zero to Travel Podcast

Teaching you how to travel the world for as long as you desire, in terms of spending less money. This podcast covers the most exciting of adventures such as hiking the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and traveling as a single mum with three kids.

Its an interesting listen to get a different perspective on travel in terms of these extreme travel ideals. A good episode to listen to is the Pre-Trip fears, he approaches fears and anxieties that people may have about travel and breaks it down.

Women Who Travel

For the female readers out there, I believe most of my readers are male, but this podcast is a female esteem boosting podcast, giving women the belief that they can travel. #WomenWhoTravel helps break down the big miss conception of female travellers, in that it’s dangerous and scary but not at all, I say ‘act confident and no one will question, you should believe you can do anything’.

I’m currently listening to ‘We Learned How to Love Travel From Our Mothers’, I love listening to women who do the extreme and don’t bat an eye lid and don’t see that what they have achieved as an extreme but just a normal lifestyle.


A fun, visual way to discover the world! Vlogger’s are doing an unbelievably good job of consuming the spare time of billions of people. With the little spare time I have, I love watching Vlogs, because you can both see and hear their first hand and unrefined experiences, whilst witnessing where they are and what they are up to. I especially love watching vlogs of places I’m about to travel too, as the visuals get me so excited, but also you can gain ideas and inspiration for places to go whilst out there. Vlogs are a chilled and effortless way of gaining travel knowledge. Here’s some good travel vloggers worth a watch if you have some spare time.

Fun for Louis

One of my favourites is 'fun for Louis', he’s a U.K. travel vlogger who’s aim is to inspire you to live the adventure.

Mr Ben Brown

Another one of my favourites, he’s another British travel Vlogger, who’s content covers some absolutely stunning scenery. He’s always up to exciting things across the world, well worth a watch.


Marko and Alex, are the brother behind the Vagabrothers, a youtube resource for aspiring travellers around the world. They aim to use their travel vlogs to promote understanding of the different cultures of the planet, share hidden curiosity, dispel stereotypes and celebrate differences.

Hey Nadine

‘What you need to know about solo travel’ is a really good vlog for those routing for solo travel and especially female solo traveling. On her page you will find vlogs on travel hacks, tips and advice, packing guides, destination ideas, food and generally inspirational videos.


There are so many travel blogs out there, I have no specific one I love to read, I usually just search for one relevant to the country I’m about to explore. However, there are a few good resources to use to find travel blogs such as:

Intrepid travel have a journal section, full of blogs and articles written by travellers. https://www.intrepidtravel.com/adventures/category/feature/

Indie Traveller is a similar resource full of travel bloggers and articles as well.


Hostel World also host a number of travel bloggers.


The Blonde Abroad

Kiki (the blonde abroad) from California, has spent the past 6 years sharing her journey and travel tips with women around the world. She has travelled to over 70 countries and her website and blog is very colourful and inspirational, well worth a look and a read.



Now it really depends what you're looking for in these websites? Is it inspiration of where to go? Information on specific places? Accommodation and transport? Important information? It’s fairly important to know what you're looking for before you start searching on the big wide web, otherwise you're going to spend hours scrolling and wouldn’t have gained anything from it.


Hostel World is good for inspiration, as they often have articles on top places to visit and best hostels around the world and there will often be some really sick ideas.


STA Travel also has a travel blog, good for gathering inspiration into destinations and ideas of what you can do out there.


Viator, a website where you can type in the destination and it will provide you with all the tours and activities to do in the city.


Momondo discover section, full of inspiration, in accordance to whatever holiday/ traveller you are/want, beach, city, nature, ski and road trips.



Gov, Foreign Travel Advice.

All the official need to know information; terrorism, safety and security, local laws and customs, natural disasters, entry requirements, health, travel advice and support.


STA Travel generally provides simple, but lots of information on their site according to the different countries, for example ways to travel around, how much stuff kind of costs and insertion on places to visit.







Ryanair’s fare finder section, really good for inspiring you to take cheap last minute holidays.


Easy Jet’s discover section is good for seeing where the cheap flights are, they display the deals on a map as well which I really like.




A really good way of finding website resources is by googling best guides and resources for the country you are thinking of visiting. For example I googled best guides for New Zealand and clicked on a discussion thread page, and everyone was leaving really handy resources that I would never have thought of.

Such as this link AA Traveller which has a section called 101 must do’s this summer, these are the top voted things to do in New Zealand, voted by New Zealanders.



Rome2rio- Helps you get from A-B with all the transport options, time, cost along with a step by step guide to catch the transport and instructions for each leg.

XE- Currency converter app.

Flush - Crowed sourced public toilet locator around the world.

Lonely Planet/Rough Guide- depending which one you prefer.

Citymapper- All the transport links in cities.

Maps . Me- Downloadable maps, searchable maps - I’ve used this for years on all my trips, a really good recourse.

AccuWeather - Accurate weather for all over the world.

I don’t want to bombard you with information, so heres a range of resources and a few in each section, I hope I’ve covered each strength and method for everyone. As you can see there’s so many different resources out there for travel research and inspiration. I might pop on the bottom of my up coming blogs, new favourite resource of the week? For example favourites podcast of the week? What’s everyones thoughts on that?

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