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Anti Bored Stricken Savvy Ideas in this COVID_19.

Right guys, I've worked hard to pull some stuff together for you to do in this chapter of our lives. I believe that this is a time for our inner child to come out and say F**K it, so below I have complied a varied list of things for us to do. Some of the tasks may require a certain level of f**k's is a given.

I'm going to start with some of the more level headed things, and then work my way down to the king of activities.


I love these, you can listen to anything you like and be doing other mundane activities, podcasts just spruce them up. Cleaning just got all that more entertaining.

These are some of my favrioute podcasts to listen to.

Funny Pods

Paul Smith & Callum Oakley Funny Bstrd.

Oh my, I've seen him live many times in Liverpool and he just cracks me up and the fact that he does a pod casts just makes my life that bit brighter! Head over and give them a listen, just brilliant however if you don't understand Scouse good luck.

Off menu with Ed Gamble, great to listen to whilst cooking!

My fav episode is number 35 with Daisy May Cooper from 'The Country' for those fans out there she's brilliant on it! Dare I say hilarious.

My Dad wrote a porno, another absolute cracker, you've got to stick with it though it gets better!

London Actually, by London Hughes, she's had me in absolute stitches, this is more of a girly listen, so you girls out there grab the chocolate and wine and have a listen because its a great listen.

Educational Pods

Freakonomics Radio, an insight into stuff you thought you knew but you really didn't.

In the shower by head stuff, I love this podcast, interesting snippets for in the shower, perfect for keeping you entertained with random facts whilst having a wash.

Coffee Break languages, I love these I've been learning Spanish whilst driving, I mean I do look a tad crazy driving along talking to myself but again I'm all about the zero F**k's given. This is something you could do as a couple or family for 15 min's each day. Just an idea :)

Health and lifestyle

Happy Place, by Fearne Cotton, a lovely insightful mindful listen. It allows you to explore the less spoken side of the celebrities lives.

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, I love this women so much, she has done so much for the women's movement and campaigns. Her podcast is new so there's currently only one episode but stay tuned for more.

The Health Code, by my favourite YouTube Sarahs day. It's about health, fitness, lifestyle and relationships.


Fake Doctors Real Friends, with Zach and Donald, a podcast all about Scrubs and behind the scenes.

Adult Admin Kinda Shizz

I know this is kinda boring but have you got any of your adulting shit hanging around? You know that stuff that you keep putting off? That darn hand washing clothing from two New Years Eve's ago? Anything need stitching up? There's nothing like having a good sort out!

Those photo albums/ scrap books you've been saving up to do on a rainy day.

Get those colours out and do some painting, there's nothing more time consuming and therapeutic than getting the colours out and doing some painting, even like me you are shit, the idea is there and you feel all chill after. You can paint or colour anywhere as well, pop some chill music on and get to it.

Photo by Olesia Buyar on Unsplash

Workout's getting that sweat on and all that!

These are some good home no equipment needed workouts, find which one suits you, some workout videos I find their voices kinda annoying so have a browse and see who clicks with you. Some of them do a lot of talking as well so you can always fast forward, but it's a great way to workout and keep you motivated in times like this.

Popsugar Fitness (dance)

Sarahs Day


Tone It Up

The Fitness Marshall (dance)

Pamela Reif

Alex and Sam Tae Kwon Do

Has Fit

These are just a few of the thousands out there, find one that suits you. Look them up on YouTube and get sweaty like Betty.

@Blogilates @Sarahs_day @Toneitup

Indoor or Outdoor Fortress

You are never too old for a den or fortress, be this making it with your kids or whether your like me (maybe some wine wouldn't go a miss) and just a giant kid (No judgment here)! I love LOVE love, building forts, you may as well call me the Fortress Queen.

Have a look up on the old internet for some ideas! Let that inner kid come out and run wild, pop on some singalong bangers and get to it.


@Tartanblanketco @Life_as_a_penna @Dearestsomeday

Obstacle course

There's nothing like a good obstacle, again good for kids or us adult sized children out there. An obstacle course can literally be made out of anything, get creative and best of they can be conducted both inside and outside!


I assume you've all seen New Girl, therefore you know that awesome drinking game that you've always wanted to try 'The President' these lock-in nights would be a pretty awesome to try it out, with your flat/house mates.

Click here for the actual rules and layout of the game that will work.

Dress up

Right, your thinking did I read that right? Yes you did, add a theme to you dinner, whether it's just two of you, or a house or flat full. What you having for dinner? Fajitas? Make it a Mexican themed evening, get creative, this a time to make memories with your friends and family without the chaos of life getting in the way.

Having a BBQ, Aussie style it up, continental, pop some stripes on.

Get creative.

Make those memories and have a laugh.

Heck make it a come dine with me and make it run over a few days.

Hahaha, for all you alcoholics out there you could set different room's of the house/flat up into different pubs/bars, different drinks and themes. You've gotta commit and think outside the box.

I love a good fancy dress theme, it lowers everyones inhibitions and allows everyone to have a dam good laugh and create pretty fantastic memories, these are pictures from just a few of the many fancy dress occasions.

For more exciting ways to stay alone together in this pandemic, stay tuned. If you enjoyed this post or took part in any of the activities I've mentioned please tag me, I'd love to see what everyones been getting up to! We're all alone in this together and I'm not being funny but the cow's aren't that entertaining.

So PLEASE tag me either on Instagram @travel_savvy_guide or my Facebook @TravelSavvyguide

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I hope it's helped prevent a little boredom and inspired some ideas, if you have any more ideas please don't hesitate to let me know and I will help spread the love. Please like and share with your friends and family, this really helps what I'm trying to do and helps spread the love.

When boredom truly strikes, you know what's next. This was during my 6 month ski season and I experienced a whole different level of boredom out there as you can see.

So if you're well and truly stuck, you know what ya gotta do!

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