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April fools me!

To follow on from last weeks blog, games and events out here; this weeks blog is going to be the funniest guest encounters, what I consider must bring items and some season tips.

On topic: April fools day- out here it’s lasted a week!

We are down, 3 rolls of clingfilm, 2 bags of flour, 10 baguettes, 1 shower head down, 2 rolls of cello-tape and lots of salt, the list goes on.

- All cutlery and cooking utensils cling filmed up.

- Baguettes placed on the top of doors, along with bags of flour.

- Greased up handles.

-Tea bags in my shower head (shower head now broken), the girls I share a bathroom with just thought it was rust coming out of the shower! I just thought someone had spilt tea in the shower, I was just too hungover to care or think too much about it, so went back to bed. It wasn’t until the boys came in all sheepishly to see if i’d woken up and to see if I’d tried to have a shower, I put two and two together, and just took their shower head instead, but now we have to share!

-Cling-filmed toilets and glasses.

-Salted up food in staff.

Who on earth thought making April fools last a week was a good idea, we are on edge all the time, thank goodness it’s usually only half a day.

Funniest witnessed guest moments of the season, 10 for chuckle factor.

1) So, setting the scene, children have just finished kids tea and running riot around the chalet, they run into one of the family rooms down stairs and into the bathroom. They then start screaming, and running back up the stairs shouting…. “Mummy and Daddy are both in the shower” “i’m scarred for life” followed by more screaming. I was in absolute stitches.

2) When guests own up to eating/ trying something mysterious out of the chefs fridge. One of our guests was hunting through the fridge on our day off and came across something looking a little like ice cream, which was a bit odd as it was solid but in the fridge? Therefore he dipped in finger in to try, to be greeted by great disgust, it was solidified duck fat, needless to say he felt quite shocked and duped.

3) I came in on New Years day to find a defrosted proven croissant missing from the tray of croissants left out over night to prove ready to be cooked for breakfast. After a little teasing of the guests to the where about’s of this missing croissant, a guest owed up to eating it raw whilst drunk. I can’t imagine it tasting too good at all, or sitting well in his stomach.

What to bring (well suggested must takes).

Whilst on the ski season you’re going to miss sooo many things, mostly items you wouldn’t have ever thought you’d miss. We’ve been thinking about FOOD all season, torturing ourselves with what we can’t have, so we’ve all complied a list of items we want as soon as we get back, my top food items are; duck pancakes, sweet and sour chicken, wagamamas, chicken tikka masala, rice pudding, cheddar cheese, steak and ale pie, Sunday beef roast with lots of gravy and Yorkshire puddings and most importantly hot and gooey chocolate brownies, the list goes on, but these are my ultimate top 9.

Below is a list of items I’m either over the moon I brought with me or I wish I had brought.

A good quality Speaker (I have a UE Boom )

I absolutely love my speaker, it might as well be considered a life saver of the season. It’s perfect for change over days; cleaning starts about 6:40 am until around lunch time, so some super loud music is perfect.

Tip: get a good speaker, one that will take the wear and tare of the season. During deep clean at the start of the season I dropped my speaker in a mop bucket and didn’t notice until it stoped working, but all was good, I just shook off the water and it carried on working (so lucky).

A hard drive full of films or a Netflix account on your phone, you can download films and tv in the chalets, as most staff accommodation won’t have wifi. Films and tv is perfect for white-out days, ill days, sleepless nights (when your room mate is bringing the building down with her snoring) and down days (because you will have these, its an intense 5/6 months, down days are a given).

LOTS of Cold and flu tablets, they’re nearly impossible to get/ very expensive out here, it’s also useful to bring lots of vitamins as well; like Berocca. All the staff get very run down and ill during the season, along with the new guests constantly bringing along new bugs. Also as we share rooms bugs spread very quickly; if your room mate gets a bug its near impossible to avoid catching it.

Paracetamol/ ibuprofen; again nearly impossible to get/ very expensive out here. Due to hangovers, dehydration, aching and many falls on the slopes these will be on the wanted list.

Moisturiser/ hand cream. You will be constantly using chemicals whilst cleaning and due to the air being really dry out here, it takes a massive toll on your skin, especially your hands. During deep clean, in the first two weeks my hands got so dry and cracked I couldn’t make beds without getting blood on them, so I had to put my thermal gloves on to make the beds (I got straight on the mum line and asked for some heavy duty hand cream. She’s such a life saver).

Tip: I’ve found the best hand creams are: ‘Norwegian Neutrogena’ in a blue bottle and ‘working hands by O’keeffe’s’ in a green tub. My favourite moisturiser for general use is ‘Vaseline intensive care healing serum’ in a yellow bottle.

Cheddar cheese (like gold dust), most of us have got it posted out/ brought out to us at some point during the season. Believe it or not, cheese out here is not amazing, unless your a fan of the strong, smelly cheeses, theres only a plasticky kind of cheese which ruins most meals, I’m not a fan.

Mum line posted out some cheddar cheese, what a ledge.

Headphones and ear plugs. You will be sharing a room with at least one other person depending on your company, so I would class these as a necessity. If you end up with a room mate like mine - a sleep talking/ shouting and snoring nighttime tormentor, you will definitely need these to even get even a wink of sleep.

Tip: I prefer headphones as you can play music to cover up the noise, and you don’t panic tumbling around trying to find them in the dark when one falls out!

Gloves and sun glasses with spares. Need I say much more, spares are a sensible thing to do. I’ve lost, two gloves form different sets out here and don’t have spares, lets just say I have odd hands. Again sunnies, if you loose/break a pair you will be screwed, as it’s pretty bright out here and you can’t see a lot without them on.

Sun cream and Lip solve - SPF in the lip solve as well - again easy to forget but very expensive to purchase out here.

Extension lead, so you can have multiple plugs for all your gadgets and not fight over the one plug in the room.

Small mirror- sharing a bathroom with 4 girls who are all trying to get ready for work at the same time isn’t ideal. A small mirror is perfect, it allows you to do you makeup in your room and reduce time spent in the bathroom and making yourself and the others late.

Don't bring oodles of clothing this includes thermals, you don’t need much clothing out here, you’ll have lots of washing to do anyway, you’re given three work t-shirts, so you will always have clean clothing. The chances are you wont have much store space anyway, so theres no point bringing too much. Most companies will suggest bring some fancy dress for nights out etc, but again this is just wasted packing space and the chances are no one else will have brought any as they will be trying to maximise their packing space.


This is going to be my last blog about ski seasons, I feel I’ve covered most of the points which I wanted to know before I came out. If there’s any points I’ve missed that you’d like to know or me to cover, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

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