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Backpacking Australia? Here's some savvy tips, tricks and inspiration.

Sam & Alex also known as the 'The Ninja Nomads', are currently two months into their backpacking adventure around Australia and they've shared some of their savvy tips, tricks and inspiration with us.

I have decided to take a whim and see some of the amazing tips, tricks and dam right inspirational stories of individuals around me. I will be doing this through guest blogs every now and again. I'm hoping, through sharing their interesting perspectives, in all aspects of travel and travel job perspectives as well, but mostly specifically backpacking tips and tricks, in hope to help spread the savvy travel bug.

Today's blog is written by Sam Anderton, who I used to work with whilst she was saving up her penny's for this life changing adventure. You can follow their adventure on their Vlog, channel or Instergram: @The_Ninja_Nomads

These two amazing individuals are both Tae Kwon Do World Champions, who recently decided to leave it all behind and travel the world, thus explaining their incredibly creative name Ninjia Nomads.

So over to you Sam- 'Backpacking Australia? Here's some savvy tips, tricks and inspiration.'

Hello you beautiful people!!!!

My name is Sam Anderton and I have been travelling for just over two months around Australia.

I quit my jobs, packed a bag and me and my boyfriend escaped our grey life in the UK. We didn't have much money saved because like a lot of people, we didn’t earn much money in the jobs we were in. We made it work with what little money we had and we are loving every second.

Our journey started in Perth in Western Australia and then to Cairns and now Brisbane. My main tip is to force yourself to step out of your comfort zone. We had an amazing tour guide on an Uncle Brian tour called Eli and he said-

“Adventure begins where your comfort zone ends”.

This quote has truely stuck with me through our travels. I am a worrier. I always think of what can go wrong before I think of what can go right. Now, I try to think a little more positive! Now this obviously it's easier said than done, but I try to remember how lucky I am to be in Australia and if I'm having a bad day I just think, I’d rather be having a bad day in Australia than back in the UK.

Fave trip...

We've done so many mind blowing activities, but my favourite so far has to be snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. I was terrified of swimming in the sea, because I’m not the most confident swimmer and I get super sea sick, so I was starting the journey a little on edge!

My boyfriend was winding me up because I was so worried about getting sick.

As expected, I started feeling a little queezy about twenty minutes into the boat ride and I had another hour and a half to go, so I went and sat at the back of the boat in case I was sick. Five minutes later I was joined at the back by about a third of the passengers all being sick and to my surprise, the person who was suffering the most was my boyfriend Alex. I've never seen him so sick and I felt so bad for him, but I was overjoyed that it wasn’t me this time being sick !!!

Luckily, he still came snorkelling with me and we saw the most amazing tropical fish and the reef was incredible. I never thought I’d be confident enough to swim on the Great Barrier Reef but I did it!! I swam around like a little fish taking videos of all the Nemo fish.

This trip taught me three things...

1. Always take sea sickness medication even if you never get sea sick

2. If you are scared of doing something, DO IT ANYWAY

3. No one can make a wet suit and a snorkel look sexy!

Overall, this trip has opened my eyes to a totally new way of life. I am more open to new experiences and I have met some amazing people and we are only a couple of months into our trip.

I will continue to push my limits and venture way past my comfort zone because who knows what adventures lie ahead? You are always going to cross paths with people who doubt your decision to travel or don’t agree with how you are doing things, but as long as it makes you happy then go for it!

Make mistakes, sometimes the mistakes are the best bit!

I don't know about you guys, but whilst reading Sam's stories I most definitely had a little smirk on my face for Sam being savvy enough to take sea sickness tablets!

A inspirational lesson is to be taken from Sam's guest blog, adventure most definitely begins when your comfort zone ends! But most especially smash all those fears out the park.

Feel the fear but do it anyway!

I think, to replace fear with curiosity is one of the most relinquishing things you can do your for yourself. Well, I've got to say I'm super proud of you, and routing for you gal, and thanks very much for your contribution towards my savvy travel guide, filling up with tips, tricks and inspiration.

'Backpacking Australia? Here's some savvy tips, tricks and inspiration.'

Guest Blog By Sam Anderton

Stay strong guys, beat those fears, and stay Savvy!

Please let me know your thoughts, opinions, stories and inspiration, I love hearing from you guys and most especially all those exciting adventures you're all embarking on.

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