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Everyone's journey is different.

Everyones journey is different.

To start this off, I'm going to take you all back to the original purpose of my blogs, I wanted to get real with people and help inspire my friends, family and readers to say 'hell yeah' and book those dream adventures and have the confidence to do it, because you know, life is too short and it's for the living, so live it.

A wise woman once said to me, “if it's both scary and daunting do it, thats what's thrilling about life, they are the moments you will remember in years to come.”

This is deeply rooted within all my reasoning in life, and if something scars me, why? and what can I do to over come that?

I've had to re'resonate with this recently, if it's both scary and daunting do it, because if I don't, is it going to haunt me? I've watched people traveling around in their van's on their own, questioning how on earth are they brave enough to do so. You see solo backpacking and staying in hostels is a whole different kettle of fish, you are constantly surrounded by people, traveling with other backpackers and there's always people around to answer any questions, almost a constant safety net and blanket. However, solo van life requires a whole new level of strength, independence and solitude. It requires so much strength, firstly to know you would be able go days without seeing or talking to people, to fix and get yourself out of situations if you had to, to be able to go days off the grid without anyone else around, no signal no nothing, it's for sure another level of independence, it’s almost a test of holding your nerve. This scared me. But what scared me the most is questioning if I had the strength to do it. "if it's scary and daunting do it".

So I did it.

Solo Van life

It's just Eddie (my van) and I now, for everyones adventure is different and we all require and seek something different from life. For life is a series of events strung together like a phrase of a sentence, constantly changing and forever adapting, so it's important to turn the page and read on. If I could sum up everything I've learned from life so far in three words it would be:

It goes on.

For sure, it's a whole new adventure, very much a test of ones self, I'm very independent but this is a whole new level, lets consider this as a level up (like a game). It feels amazing to know I'm doing it, that thing I once looked upon other people and gazed with amazement and respect for them. To know that I'm living my life the way I want to live it and I don't need to rely on anyone else to do so, makes everything a lot simpler and lighter. To understand that everything is down to me, not anyone else, I’m in complete control of my life, everything in it and around it, it almost puts a true sparkle on everything. Even when it's raining and I'm sat in the van with a coffee listening to the rain and watching 'Prince of Bel Air' it’s still got a sparkle, absolutely no complaining coming from my direction, but i've still got plenty of van life drama to come for you, so stay tuned!

If I hadn't fought for what I feared I couldn't do, I most definitely wouldn't be in the same boat right now, and I don't think I could say there's a sparkle on everything. So next time something scares the heebie-jeebies out of you, ask yourself if it's both scary and daunting, should I do it? Is that what's thrilling about life, and are these the moments I'm going to remember in years to come? Because the answer is probably yes. Is that decision going to haunt you if you decide otherwise?

I hope that whatever you're pondering doesn't keep you wondering for too long and that this read helps shed a little light on any decision you are in process of making. Don't forget that life's for the living, and most especially we don’t remember days, but we remember moments, so stay strong and trust yourself, you're stronger than you think.

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