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Gazz’ Travel Savvy guide (well attempt)

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

So, I’m Lucy, but often referred to as Gazz, I am the grand age of 21 and a fun fact about me is that I’m happily dyslexic, so when reading my blogs, please take this into account. Having had a rather unique upbringing (my parents took me walkabout for a year instead of school), it has made me cherish the small and special moments in life and most definitely given me the travel bug.

Through this blog, I am hoping you get to know me, what I’ve been up to, and most specifically I want to try and inspire you to be brave, take risks and create your own story. To say ‘hell yeah’ and book that adventure you’ve been pondering upon, to have the courage to do whatever you want to do, to break through any barriers preventing you on embarking on that life changing experience. My blogs will be about my travels, and hopefully provide travel information, perspiration and general helpful insights and tips. I am currently working a ski season in the French Alps, with spare time between working and skiing, I thought I would give travel blogging a whirl, and try and inspire a few more world traveling wow moments for people.

When I’m debating on embarking and planning another adventure, I carry out lots of research and read many blogs to help give me some information, and insight into the destinations in hope that they will guide me in the decision-making process. I hope to contribute to this exciting body of knowledge, and bring you all along in my travels! In my opinion there are no words for travel, and no accurate way to describe the true feeling, you get when you go somewhere new. I once read that it feels like being a child again, ‘you can’t understand anything, everything is new and daunting, yet incredibly exciting,’ this is probably the best interpretation I’ve heard/read. So, basically just imagine being a kid again, when you can’t wipe that massive smile of your face, everything is unbearably exciting and your smelly and sticky all the time, that’s travel pretty much summed up!

Please feel free to email me about anything, anything at all, even if it’s just to say hello, I would really love it! I am very chatty and would appreciate any feedback, whether it be insights, inspiration, advice, tips, questions or even just to chat please don’t hesitate.

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