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Why I love travel

At the start of my blogging journey I said I appreciate the small things, I mean very small. I enjoy talking to new people and witnessing the twinkle in their eye when they talk about a subject that they are passionate about, especially when you can literally feel their passion radiating out of them. I believe this is something truly special to witness and a lot can be taken and learnt from people like this, especially nowadays as this is quite hard to come by. When traveling I think it’s important to go out of your way to talk to people, and also allow them to engage with you, it’s quite easy to put up a guard to prevent people from approaching you especially if you’re on your own. But, you will be depriving yourself of some amazing opportunities and insights into different cultures, communities and generally some great people.

When I was traveling on my own in Indonesia, I found that the Indonesians like to ask 101 personal questions, but only because they are inquisitive people. The questions are generally, how old are you? Are you with anyone? Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? Where are you staying? Why are you on your own? All very intrusive and edge putting questions, but they generally aren’t meant in that way. I found the best way to reply was to say, you’re in a relationship, your boyfriend is shopping or up the road and you’re staying over there and point in a direction, but don’t say anything specific, it tends to shut down the further 200 questions about to be fired at you. One day I was sat on a beach in Lombok and a man in his 40s came up to me and sat next to me, this instantly put me on edge of course, because firstly he took me by surprise as I was absorbed into my book, but secondly, he also started with the 101 questions. However, he then moved on to ask if I was English and I said yes, he then pulled out a pile of scrunched up paper and asked me to help him with his English homework. I agreed to help and we sat, with him asking me questions for about two hours, to see if he was getting the right context, wording and tense, but what I found most interesting was his interpretation of life and thought process. One of the questions he was asked was “where do dogs live?” now we would assume a house, because of the culture we're brought up in, but his reply was “everywhere, they live here on the beach! Over there! Anywhere, they can live everywhere!” this made me chuckle, because its true they do and that’s their lifestyle over there, I’m not entirely sure that’s the answer the homework was looking for but I found it all very interesting and amusing.

So where can we start? How can we take the first step into travel?

Bucket lists

If you don’t have one, even just a mental one, I’m shocked, I cant function unless I know that what I’m doing is helping me move one step closer to another big adventure. The way I see it is, every hour that I’m in work, could finance a nights accommodation in another country, the tips I receive off tables contributes to the exciting and extraordinary trips I’m just waiting to go on. If I didn’t have a bucket list filled up with exhilarating adventures, that I’m just waiting to embark on, I’d find it hard to conjure up the motivation to work.

Try making yourself a bucket list, this will inspire you to travel more and hopefully help you set miniature travel targets. Treat your passport like a book, fill the pages up with stories and destinations. Don’t let it sit in your draw gathering dust, your passport should be the happiest and most worn item in the house. Fill you bucket list with the things that make you exited, even just the thought of seeing and going to places, the places that make you awe at the world, destinations that will fill you with excitement, stories and truly open your eyes up to the world, these destinations deserve a place on your bucket list.

My bucket list:

-Swim with whale sharks

-Play with baby elephants in the sea

-See the Northern Lights

-Travel all continents properly

-Work on a yacht

-Kayak with whales

-Hike a volcano

-Visit Yellow Stone National Park

-Visit New York in the winter

-See phosphorescence at its best

-Do the Inca trail and see Machu Picchu

-Visit the Easter islands

-Go to the amazon

-Take part in the Rickshaw run in India

-Take part in the Mongolian rally

-Attend the burning man festival

-Go to Glastonbury

-Snorkel in the great barrier reef Australia

-Walk coast to coast

-Sail around the Isle of Scilly

-Complete the three peaks

Your bucket list will continue to grow, consider it a live list. Every time I travel, I constantly add more items to the list, once you discover a new place and destination you will uncover even more exciting things to do, I don’t think it’s possible to ever see everything on your list, due to its ever-growing capability!

Dig out a pen and some paper and get the ball rolling, time waits for no one so get travel savvy now. See you next week.

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