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Here comes the sun...

Topic of conversation today, positivity. What does it take for us to be positive about our lives? To be positive about ourselves, and everything we do? Perhaps the conversation should be moved onto cheering each other on, being proud of ourselves, for all of our accomplishments and everyone else's. Not knocking each other for striving for their futures.

This is just a thought, but one which I feel quite strongly about.

I actually wrote this piece a while ago, but didn’t post it as I’m a travel blogger not an active activist. However, having being the social butterfly I am, I’ve recently witnessed a massive low in the community, everyones well being, sense of self, and general life positivity. And I would just like to say






I think conversation needs to be changed and amplified.

I don’t know a single person without mental health issues, yet there’s a massive void in the mental health conversation


So, for starters that should probably change, secondly we need to start celebrating ourselves and each other more. Some more ‘well done mate’, ‘I hope you're proud of yourself, because I am!’, 'you've made my day' every single thing we do, we should be proud of.


Try it.

I like the conversation on body positivity and I’m all for that, but I think we need to change the conversation slightly from body positivity, to positivity about ourselves in general.

It shouldn’t at all be about what we look like, it should be about us and our personalities, our personas, who we are, not at all what we look like.

Perhaps we live in such a competitive community, that we're constantly in competition with each other, but I don’t think that’s the case and if it is, I don’t think it should be.

We should be celebrating each person for being the awesome person that they are, the funny, weird, brilliant and unique individual.

Thats what I’m fighting for, for everyone to feel good about themselves, and to know their worth in each and everyones lives. This is something thats so often overlooked these days, feeling good about yourself and in turn, general life positivity will come as a consequence thus including body positivity.

I don’t know if this makes me odd, but I’m that person who actually gets a high off other peoples success, who generally feels happy about other people succeeding. Watching people work their ass off and seeing their hard work come through. Yes that’s me, and if that’s you as well YAY, let’s spread the word because its contagious.

I’m all about creating your own sunshine and being the sunshine.


I’ve always worked hard in everything I do, and I know that and I appreciate that, but do you know that?

Do you know that every single thing that you’re doing is taking you in the direction you’ve been dreaming of?

Do you appreciate how far you’ve come and everything you’ve achieved?

Do you appreciate that you’ve done so many things you probably never thought you could, do you appreciate that feeling?

Because you probably should. If your younger self could look at now, and see yourself smashing life and doing all these exciting things.

They would definitely marvel.

Accept that and appreciate that.

Don’t brush that under the carpet, feel it and rep it.

I’m hoping we can start to help each other to take a step in the right direction, to help one another notice their self worth and encourage a slightly more positive outlook on themselves and life.

The sun may not always be shining but, but when you're around it can be.

May the world see the unique joy that you are.

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