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It’s all fun and games!

Ski seasons are all fun and games, you can’t take them seriously at all. Take each day as an exciting opportunity and treat the mountains as your park to play in. I can’t stress to you enough that you should definitely consider a ski season!

It’s all fun and games!

Games are so important out here, they help seasonaire’s moral and get people out and about especially making staff bond. A number of games were organised throughout the season, below is a description of the games and the rules so you can play them as-well! Whether you're on a season, or at work/ with your friends in general life.

The games/ events were: Valley Rally, Killer and Woo Week. But I’ve also included a few games I play with guests that go down a treat.

Valley Rally:

There are no rules in this game, just ways of winning and scoring points! Each of the challenges on the list below are worth a certain amount of points, however extra points are awarded for creativity, ridiculousness and damn right stupidity!

When completing a challenge you must film or photo it and send it to the event organiser (choose one photographer to do this). The event organiser will then group these pictures and send them to independent adjudicators (head office staff maybe) for scoring. The rally will begin as early as the teams like and finishes at 2:30pm (at an apre destination). To start the rally, take a selfie with your team before the chaos begins.

How to score points:

WARNING: Your hangover the next day will be epic.


All members of staff names need to be put into a hat, along with ways to die in another.

You will then each need to pick out a member of staffs name from one hat and another with how you’re going to kill that person. You will then need to try and kill that person in that way, however the only way you can stop being killed is with a spoon (or if you want to make it harder take away the safety object). Once you have killed your victim you then collect their kill name and way of death and move onto your next victim, the game goes on until everyone has died apart from the winner.

Examples of ways to kill in the game:

With a cucumber whilst the victim is dancing on a table.

With a slipper in a supermarket.

With a bombard on piste.

With a pair of tongs in a club.

With a pair of pants on a bus.

With a snowboard in a boot-room.

With a ball under a table.

With a chocolate mousse on a ski lift.

With a chair leg in a bar.

With a balloon in a toilet.

With a pushchair in a chalet kitchen.

With a snow ball in a bar.


You get the gist, it’s quite wild and crazy but a very fun game. You will find all the spoons will go missing from your staff kitchen, everyone will accumulate a lot of spoons in their coats, and everyone’s on edge all the time thinking their about to die, you start to become very suspicious of each other.

Woo Week!

This was put into action during valentines week, this is by far the most cringy game! You pick a member of staffs name out of a hat, you then have to woo this person for the week; this means doing nice things for them, buying them stuff like chocolate and wine, however the catch is you cant give away that its you wooing them.

The aim is to keep it a secret, the best wooer’s get married at apre’s at the end of the week. The managers are the judges of the best unexpected wooing, therefore you have to take a picture of your wooing actions and send it to the managers to allow them to keep track of all wooing’s taking place throughout the week. This can be very funny, you can’t take it too seriously and it’s best if everyone goes extreme and brilliantly over board.

During this week everyone receives very funny letters and notes, some very sexual, cringe and just plain hilarious attempts at wooing. It’s a cringe but funny week.

Games to play with the guests!

My brother tortured me with these, but I’m very appreciative because I can inflict much more torture upon my guests and other staff.

These games are all about trying to figure out the pattern, this could be a word or an action. These games are great for getting the guests to interact and it winds them right up which is a good laugh as well.

Catch a train

The sentence for this game is “I can catch a train from _______ to ummmm _______ , where can you catch a train?”

So, “I can catch a train from Bristol to ummmm Liverpool, where are you catch a train?” Then go around in a circle until everyone finally guess that ‘ummm’ is the rule.

It’s funny because everyone thinks about the spelling and the locations of the destinations your mentioning but not the full sentence.

I played this game with the other staff during training week, it really brought out some brilliant answers; “well i’m just going to catch the bus then”, one host even got his phone out and got the trainline app up, just to show me he could in-fact catch the train.

Moon in the spoon

For this game you will need a spoon, and someone will have to hand you the spoon to start the game, the pattern word is to say “thank you” when you get handed the spoon, but the sentence is “I can see the moon is the spoon can you?” And then hand the next person the spoon and if they don’t say thank you they don’t get it right. Believe it or not this is one of the harder games for people to get because the more they get it wrong the more get annoyed at the game and therefore they less likely they are to say thank you.

Again this was good fun during training, one member of staff took the spoon outside, and got the moons reflection in the spoon and argued that he could see the moon in the spoon and couldn’t understand why we were saying he couldn’t.

I can take to the moon

For this game you need to pick a rule, I usually use t-shirt colour, but it’s up to you. The object you can take to the moon is the first letter of the colour of your t-shirt. For example “I can take to the moon a whale (i’m wearing a white t-shirt)” “I can take to the moon a balloon (i’m wearing a blue t-shirt)”.

Tip: I tried playing this for the first time at the start of the season, I decided that shoe colour would be the rule, but then quickly realised; 1. They weren’t wearing shoes because they were sat for dinner and 2. I couldn’t see their feet anyway even if they were. Lets just say I made a baboon of myself.

Bunny Bunny

Hold your hand up and go from your little finger to your thumb and back saying “bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, (move your finger along the inside of your thumb when saying whoops, as if you’ve fallen off) whoops, bunny, (and then back to your little finger) whoops, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny” and then cross your arms at the end, this is the pattern they will need to guess. This game again is funny, because they wont’ be looking out for the crossing of the arms at the end they will be concentrating on getting the bunny’s right.

Tip: This game is best played sat down, either on a sofa or at the table so it doesn’t give away that you’re crossing your arms as much.

I would definitely rate these games at a chuckle factor 10! Events can be good fun, with the right enthusiasm and charisma, don’t forget to just be yourself. Next blog will be posted on Tuesday, covering my idea of ‘must brings’ for the season. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or even just say hi.

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