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Saving money to travel, looking after those pennies.

Saving money to travel, looking after those pennies.

Saving money to go traveling, can be miserable right? Saying no all the time to those parties, birthdays, drinks, dinners, day trip’s, shopping trips, constantly saying no, no, no..

NO I’ve got to save those pennies for traveling.

Missing out on opportunities can be very disappointing and hard sometimes especially if you’re trying to save a lot of money in a short space of time. In fact in can be very daunting and stressful, I most definitely have had many little hissy fits and bouts of stress from those pennies and pounds, and as everyone at work likes to tell me,

“Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”

Which essentially means one should be careful not to squander those pounds and pennies. But, yes indeed it can be frustrating, disconcerting and stressful at times, but you just need to focus on one step at a time, not the whole staircase, as no one never got to the top of the stairs by missing all the steps getting to it, did they… No.

So, what’s that first step, and how are you going to avoid making your life miserable for the next few months? Well let me help you.

For starters have you ever tried googling free stuff to do for some sort of inspiration and ideas to do with your friends and family? Well if you haven’t, I wouldn’t bother, it just consists of ideas like, making a capsule, practising yoga, learning a language, do some puzzles, geocaching, etc. I mean don’t get me wrong if you’re into that go ahead, but sadly for me, I’m a 21/22 year old who likes to socialise, drink, party, shop, brunch, dinners, etc, basically everything that includes spending those pennies.

But sadly NO can do buddy.

Money Money Money

Is no

Fun Fun Funny.

So, all summer I’ve been trying to say yes, but save those pennies simultaneously, so here’s some of the things I came up with and organised and saved them pennies.

Friends coming over to dinner

Cooking + alcohol + friends = film night.

Nice chilled and happy evening where everyones mucks in to cook, drink and chill.

Free comedy nights in town,

These nights often consist of upcoming comedians testing new material and are often a good way to have fun but for free.

Have a look if your local area have any of these nights, a very fun and free evening.

Make the most of discounts, 2-4-1 deals, happy hour, special restaurant and bar deals.

Have a night out with your friends at half the price, like hell, get the free perks if they offer any.

Make the most of discounted/ free perks from where you work. My work offers me 50% off food in all of our restaurants, we offer 2-4-1 cocktails and the best perk of all, we get a bottle of wine for every trip advisor we’re mentioned in. So reel in those deals and perks your work offers and become money savvy.

Bike ride + beers

Either your own bike or a City Boris bike (which costs a pound for a day), then cycle past a shop grab some snack-age and beers, then take them off for a bike ride and watch the sun go down.


Picnic, similar idea but no bike.

Meet up in the park with some food, drinks, a speaker and a blanket and get those rays in and enjoy yourself without spending £30+ on a meal in a restaurant.

Walk -> catch a train and go somewhere different for a walk or a coffee.

Take a book to the park and chill

Just don’t take your purse/wallet with you, as that’s just going to encourage you to spend money on an ice cream, coffee and food.

No one ever mentions the rubbish bits of a trip.

During the running up to a big trip, no one ever talks about how rubbish it actually is, all those grim shifts and hours they’ve done, you only hear about all the fun things they’ve done, no one ever talks about how they’ve became a hermit and fun sponge for X amount of time.

But here’s my story and the truth.

Everyone has always asked me how I can afford to do all the traveling I do, how can I afford to jet off to Indonesia for two months and then off to Croatia for a month over second year summer at university. Well the truth is, I’ve worked since the age of 12, and haven’t stoped since. Throughout university I worked grim hours along with two jobs and absolutely grafted for every single penny.

So here I am, once again grafting away with one day off a week, working 65+ hour weeks hoping to reach my money saving goal for New Zealand. So yes, I know first hand how grim it is, and how no one ever sheds light on the grimness of saving money.

The whole experience is slowly teaching me that the things that matter today might not matter to you in a few years from now or even in a few hours from now. I’m slowing learning how much things can change over time.

So that meal, drink or item you’re about to spend your precious pennies on, is that going to matter to you in a few years time? Is it going to add to your memory bank? Give you found thoughts to look back on? Because if it is, that’s pennies well spent. However, if it’s not you’ve got bigger, wilder, and better things to come and save for.

Think about that stair case and each step at a time.

A Pennie for your thought

So after that, just sit back and think, how are you going to enjoy that money saving period, what are you going to do to avoid becoming a hermit, and where are you going to save those pennies?

If you come up with any fun and brilliant ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me.

"A Pennie for your thought"

If I actually had a Pennie for the amount of times my mother has asked me this I would’ve made a small fortune from that saying alone.

Send me a message if you could have made a fortune of this as well.

I hope you are all having a marvellous week and enjoying what’s left of the sunshine, if anyone has any comments, queries or just want to chat please don’t hesitate to contact me, I love receiving messages and feedback!

If you have enjoyed reading this please, like and share. Each like and share helps me get one step closer to my dream job. Many thanks.

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