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Solo travel guide reviews

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve been enjoying the sun recently and been out and about doing cool and exciting things, not just working hard, remember you need to treat yourselves too, we work to fund our exciting lives, we don’t live to work! Todays blog is about travel guides and the exciting world of travel knowledge!

Solo travel guide reviews

Oh my, wow, I have always felt if there’s a gap in my knowledge or a department I don’t know about I then have a big urge to find out and fill that void! I usually turn to books first as I feel they're official information and I also have a big love of books. I then turn to the Internet, but i’m officially dumfounded by the sheer amount of travel guides and books available its unnecessary, it’s enough to put you off I feel. The aim of my blog is to inspire you to say ‘yeah I can do it’ and take steps into going, but even by looking at all these guide books, - first time travel guides, - solo travel guides,- road trip books, - budget books, so many books!!! My head feels like it’s about to explode with anxiety just even thinking about everything you have to do to go traveling.


By the way, I need to just mention that this post contains affiliate links to Amazon products which means if you make a purchase through any of these links I will be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I’ve solo traveled and never read a book or a guide on it and I didn’t need to either!

I gained my knowledge and experience from talking to people about travel and learning through their adventures. You shouldn’t be scared or put off by this bombardment of books and information, it’s all common sense and you learn along the way. I advise you to stay away from all these first time travel guides and stuff like that otherwise the sheer amount of books and information will give you overload and put you off. Take a deep breath and say, ‘its all good travel savvy’s got me’ ahah, but no seriously you're all good.

If your a friend or family member of someone who wants to set of traveling on their own, and you want to get them something to do with travel information for a piece of mind for you, The lonely planets best ever travel tips, its a nice small book, full of helpful tips for along the way thats not gonna scare them just perhaps excite and inspire them with information.

But please I do urge you not to be put off at all, traveling and solo traveling is the single most amazing thing you could do for yourself. The world is massive you would be denying yourself amazing opportunities and experiences.

Ok, so travel guides.

Where the excitement begins…

Travel guide’s and books, now there’s a real divide in who likes what, I find there’s a real pleasure in looking through a book and folding over the pages that you're interested in, and having a good flick through the pages when you’re away and in the relevant areas. It’s also lovely having a collection of loved and worn books on the bookcase of all the amazing destinations you have been to. However, travel guides tend to be very big and heavy and generally unnecessary and unwanted weight when travelling around especially when you're backpacking. Luckily you can download all of these books, you don’t get the same feeling and attachment to them but you do have a little less weight to carry.

In my onion you’ve got two very distinct guide books, Lonely Planet and Rough Guide, there’s a big divide in preference of the two, and some people don’t use guides at all. What kind of person are you? In todays blog I’m going to be reviewing solo travel guides in particularly looking into the differences between them, to make that travel information bombardment a little smaller. After all information is key whilst travelling.

I will be looking at New Zealand travel guides and different informational sources in accordance to New Zealand in general as thats my next big adventure, but the information I will be providing, both the guides and alternative resources, will be relevant to all countries.

Today (whilst writing this blog) I decided to go to Waterstones and look at how many travel books there are out there, I was shocked at how many there actually is. So I’ve decided to sit down and look at them all and compare them for you all.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

My honest opinions and views complied into these 5 solo travel guide reviews.

For starters it takes a particular type of traveler to read a guide book, thus including the bonus of solo travel guides, as these can be considered added reading on top of the destination guides. So, let's start with what type of holiday/travel maker you are? As Marco Polo says, for some finding out the background about a country can be “a real chore, for others the thrill of anticipation” for me it’s a thrill and the building bricks of excitement before departing. I believe knowledge is key, however some people enjoy the excitement of the unknown it’s completely up to you.

Marco Polo Travel Handbook

For starters, I’ve never heard of this company before, my initial thoughts are to go with what I know when it comes to books and guides, however after giving it a look though, I feel there’s lots of information about New Zealand in it. The guide itself is broken into sections: History, economy, politics, geology, culture, famous people, then accommodation, sights, tours, etc. Then the information about the country is broken down into those sections.

I probably wouldn’t take this kind of book with me traveling i’d give it a look though before travel to get a gist of the country.

Eyewitness Travel Guides

This book has made several appearances on my family book self at home, however I've never seen anyone use them or ask to borrow them, so the question is what’s the deal? Well, they're full of top sights to see numbered and mapped and usually come with a map in the back which is good for when visiting city’s. But would I give it a place in my bag? No, because it doesn’t give me the rich and in-depth information and handy tips i’m looking for in my guides. Would be good on a small city break but no purchasing from me sorry.

Lonely Planet

Soooo many books it’s unbelievable, I don’t know how you should know what book to get. After loving having a read of Lonely Planet’s best of New Zealand top sights and authentic experiences, I realised its just a top sights book not necessarily the whole country. This made me a little sad because I do really like the book but isn’t necessarily relevant enough to deserve a space in my bag. When I’m buying a guide book it needs to deserve space in my bag and cover all eventualities not just some specific area.

For starters, as you all know I’m very dyslexic so books are not my strong point however I do love to look at pictures and read the odd snap piece of interesting information, therefore what I’ve found is the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides to New Zealand are way to daunting for me, so much writing all jam-packed into one space. Nonetheless, the odd snippet of information I did come across was interesting and worthy of note taking, so I’ve decided to explore the whole e-book situation.

Lonely Planet V Rough Guide

I really like both Lonely Planet and Rough Guide, but I do think it depends what sort of adventure you're heading off on. After looking through Rough Guide, I feel it's almost more preferable for people who are heading off solo traveling, backpacking, or van life-ing it and doing everything on a budget it seems to have more top tips for that side of travel. For example I found a section about accommodation Base and Nomads, “Two Australasian hostel chains Base and Nomads, each run hostels across the country, eleven major tourist hang outs” this drew my eye instantly because these types of hostels are exactly what I was talking about in my last blog where by the atmosphere is what you want to look for to make memories and friends. So I looked up a Base hostel and instantly in Auckland there’s a hostel and they have an itinerary of activities that they do each day! Fantastic this is exactly what I look for in a guide book. Well done Rough Guides I think you may have found a space in my bag to New Zealand or a space on my phone if I can figure out how to open the e-book!

To conclude I would suggest Rough guides for best solo travel guide to my fellow solo travellers out there, for the best information, tips, ticks and money saving hacks.

Next week I will be covering handy resources that I use and you can use for travelling or whatever adventure your preparing to go on.

Pod casts, blogs, magazines, websites etc.

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