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Travel insurance, gadget insurance and all that jargon….

Travel insurance becoming the pain of your life? Trying to navigate insurance and all the coverage including gadgets? Well look no further because i’ve shed that blood sweat and tears so you don’t have to.

All the gear but no idea?

This phrase would normally be used negatively but today i’m flipping the term around, all the gear, tech savvy, but, NO idea how to go about insuring it, or how to protect yourself and all your belongings at the same time.

Travel insurance has been the recent pain of my life, I really thought it would be straight forward but there seems to be 1000’s of different quotes out there, constant opportunities for add on’s to charge you more, and when you fizzle it down to one, it probably won’t have gadget insurance as part of it.

Does this sound familiar to you? If not, this frustrating hurdle will probably be heading in your direction very soon.

How to over come it?

Well, my savvy friends,

Turns out ‘travel insurance’ doesn't tend to cover gadgets for trips over 90 days, frustrating right? And on top of that each article (gadget) will usually only be covered for up to around £150, now I don’t know about you but a lot of my tech’y stuff is worth more than that and I don’t wish to take the risk.

After lots of blood, sweat and tears, ringing many insurance companies asking for advice, and this is what it all bubbled down to…

It’s all about the gadgets being covered on the home insurance

and getting normal travel insurance for yourself.

Then calling it quits at that, but make sure all of your tech’y belongings are covered on the home insurance.

Helpful? Let me know if it is.

madness of Travel Insurance and Gadget Insurance
Travel Insurance and Gadget Insurance


How to go about travel insurance and all that jargon.

You have a few different types of travel insurance;

Annual, Single Trip and Backpacker.

Annual= yearly coverage, multiple holidays but usual only holidays up to a certain amount of days.

Single trip= maximum trip length 90 days.

Backpacker= multiple locations, yearly, including/excluding certain countries.

Then you have different classes of insurance, usually differing titles but

Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Generally referring to the pricing and price coverage for each, this is where you need to gage what you think each component of the insurance should cost and how much you want to spend on covering it.

Adding extra activities onto it?

That’s going to cost more,

This is an added component, the main activities are usually covered but skiing and other snow related sports are usually going to be on the added activity package.

That concludes the travel insurance, gadget insurance and all that jargon bafflement. I really hope that has helped in your preparation for traveling and has either saved or prevented the blood sweat and tears from prevailing.

If this has helped please give it a like and share, with your friends and family.

If you have any feedback, comments or even want a chat, please drop me a message, I love hearing from you all.

Stay savvy guys x

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