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Van Life Cooking!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The Van Life Cook Book.

Cooking well doesn’t mean cooking fancy.

When I first left the nest for university and was thrust into learning to fend for myself, my cooking was quite questionable, it consisted of pasta, cheese and ketchup!

Now don’t get me wrong I was passionate about cooking, I even attended a cooking course, where they taught me how to de-bone a chicken and take the meat off a flat fish, but lets be honest when you’re 18, attending university, poor, and cooking for one, thats not something you’re going to find handy!

By the time I got to my third year of university I became quite nifty at the old cooking malarkey, but that could also be referred to another form of procrastination.

Now I have moved into the van, and joined the #vanlife community, I am back to square one again, 2 hobs, no oven, no fridge (really), no freezer and no microwave.

Dun dun dunnnnn.

No meat, no cheese, no milk, because you can’t refrigerate it.

No bread because that goes off super fast in the van (because it sweats).

I literally lived off porridge and teriyaki vegetables twice a day for at least a month, there’s really not a lot you can cook in the van, you really have to delve into your imagination to concoct something tasty. It got to the point, I didn’t want to cook, didn’t want to eat, I dreaded dinner time, because the teriyaki was haunting me. I looked over at everyone else cooking, wondering how the heck their cooking looked and smelt so good.

It’s because they had super nice vans and therefore flashy fridges, and the van’s like mine, their cooking didn’t catch my attention or my nose because, like mine, their cooking was shocking, flavourless and depressing.

How could it be, we’d given up our jobs, friends, family’s, community, flats, houses, lifestyles to pursue our dreams and we were living off watery porridge and bloody teriyaki vegetables!

I say, NO MORE!

So I got thinking, googling, experimenting, nosying over at other people cooking, asking every singe van life person what they cook. AND FINALLY I compiled something worth cooking, consuming, looking forward to and most definitely not dreading.

Vroom Vroom Satay.

My recipes are quick, easy, and most importantly CHEAP!

Low gas usage, low refrigeration, minimal wastage and mostly healthy and best of all FRINKIN tasty!

Most importantly they make enough for lunch the next day, so you don’t have to get everything out again to cook lunch! All of a sudden everyone was nosying at my cooking,

yes it’s quite lovely when the tables are turned.

My Van Life Cook Book, is not a fancy cook book no sir’ee,

It’s a no mess, I’m hungry, lip smacking combination of meals, along with brekky ideas, sweet treats and so much more.

I’ve compiled each recipe to be easily followed, threaded with a little humour similar to my blogs. The ingredients is stuff you already have or would typically have in the van, this was the most important aspect for me there’s no point making a recipes when you don’t have the stuff for them and can’t preserve the ingredients or they’re extortionately expensive.

Who’s this Van Life Cook Book perfect for?

Van Lifers, Campers, Sailers, Glampers, University Students, Teenagers, Boyfriends, Sisters, Dad’s and Grandads. Yes that includes you Dad and Grandad, oh Yes and you Helen (my sister), even you could follow these! You guys will learn what courgette tastes like and how to cook them!!!!

It's vegetarian and vegan friendly.

I can honestly say I've had oodle's of fun making this book, it's really pushed me to try new things out and get excited about cooking different dishes. I hope you enjoy cooking up these recipes as much as I do.

It is available on a my website and on this Link.

Click here.

Food is our common ground,

it's a universal experience.

It's £2.50 or $4.82 (NZ)

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You can click the logo's for access to the downloadable Van Life Cookbook, Ebook.

The making and experimentation of 'Van'life Dough'

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