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Van'mad Diaries Coromandels part 2

Why HELLO readers, long time no read, I'm sorry but this digital nomad's been a bit of a nomad for a while due to bad weather but that's no excuse! I hope you are all good and healthy and getting excited for Christmas, according to my dad it's now 6 sleeps till Christmas! I hope you've all been good this Christmas and aren't on that old naughty list. It's a very different kind of Christmas down here, apparently its a Barbie kinda ting, but this year it might be more similar to home than what we wished for..... to be continued or if you want a sneak peek follow me on @travel_savvy_guide.

Van life Bay of Plenty

Whitianga population goes from 3,000 in the winter to 30-40,000 over the summer, these towns are most defiantly designed for summer and all the visitors it brings. Interestingly so, the most desirable houses are actually Airbnb’s.

Cooks beach. I got Kia the kayak down for a mess around in the water, once again a wonderful free camping spot right on the water front, water still a little chilly but nothing on UK waters. Lily and I gauped at our neighbouring van's cooking, mouth watering food, very jealous, so I did the next thing possible, made friends with them and picked their brains on cooking and their recipes! These 2 Aussie girls added lots of new games to our small array of 2 man games Lily and I had been playing, let's just say the competitiveness got ramped right up.

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove, probably one of the most instagrammed natural attractions in New Zealand. It sees around 360,000 visitors every year, so to get a picture with the cove with no one else in it, you should consider yourself lucky. However, Lily and I did enjoy watching everyone attempt different poses and getting whipped out by the waves. Most definitely one of my preferable pass times.

Hot water beach

Hot Water beach. One of the weirdest experiences I have ever come across. A representation of every single walk of life, every tourist, every kind of person out there, everyone from a normal tourist attraction really, but then all in their swimmers. So weird. Only a section of the beach is hot water sand, so the rest of the beach is dead and then there's 100's of pink lobster looking tourists attempting to sit in there half attempted dug bath's (pit's).

Some very impressive tan lines though.

Some of the the hot water 'is hotter than then sun', it's incredibly hot it's actually ridiculous, some people go into shock and get serious burns from stepping in the water.

Hot water beach

Tairua. After a wonder around, I witnessed a sting ray swimming around and it was lovely to watch, I do marvel at the under water world. I then moved on and sat watching a fisherman setting up his kit for the evening and watched him for a good 45 mins throwing the line out, getting excited pulling it back in, but the dark was drawing in so it was indeed time to start some cooking. However, to my dismay our elderly neighbouring couple decided to stroll past and inform me that where I'd just been sat two Orcas had just swam past and I'd probably missed them by 15 minuets.

Not a happy Lucy.

Whangamata. Another fight worthy free camping spot, Eddie was very lucky to receive a spot. Swiftly according to tied times we hired a 2 man kayak sorry kia, and kayaked out to donut island and then onto the surrounding islands. Lily enjoyed her Surfing lesson, and I got the low down from life guards on all the local information, summer beach dramas, the water happenings, how many people get stuck in donut island and how the previous day the bay just along from us all the sting rays beached themselves to escape from those two Orcas.

Surfs up

Waihi beach. After a storm had blown through, the waves at Waihi beach were massive and thousands of mangled up jelly fish had washed up all along the beach, quite a site to see. A lot of attention needed to be paid to walk along the beach without stepping on one.

Waitui. Exploration of Karangahake gorge, lets just say I wouldn't want to work in a mine. Another ridiculously windy night at Waitui reserve, where I discovered an interesting algae called cabbage algae, it forms a layer on top of the water and proves very hard to swim/motor through so the locals have to keep on top of it and scrape it off constantly and use it as compost, very distinct smell lets just say that.

Papamoa Beach. Still super stormy so we went to dinner with our new van lifer friends and treated ourselves to a few pints and games of pool, sadly after being pretty much alcohol free for the trip both parties can most certainly be referred to as light weights.

Tauranga. Very odd city, having gone to the library and having being referred to as "ooo there's a white girl" made me feel a little uncomfortable, to then go on a little walk and having a car pull donuts in front of me, I resorted back to Eddie to do some reading.

Mt Maunganui, what a view. The town quite a super vibe, most definitely a me place. Having visited the night market, which has a really cool atmosphere we decided to grab a few drinks. Next day was their Christmas market again, dosen't feel Christmasy here at all for us, a few people at the market had Christmas hats on but just not really the Christmas vibe sadly. Ah well.

Stay tuned for more #Vanlife nonsense

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New Zealand's tourist marketing campaign is to wish the world good morning everyday, from different Kiwi's in all parts of New Zealand. As it's to be said that New Zealand is the first to see the sun rise everyday so only right to wish the world a good morning and a good day.

So of course I thought hell YEAH, I want to join in. So I've been wishing the world good morning every morning from each of our locations, so stay tuned.

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