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Van'mad Diaries East Cape

Wow, do I have some van'mad drama for you to read today! First of all, we had a super close scrap with the White Island Volcano eruption and experienced a few earthquakes.

Therefore all the drama.

Sting Rays

Bay of Plenty.

Whakatane. Having been booked onto the Volcano White Island tour for the next day, it was quite surprising to be seeing an article posted on Facebook upon the shocking eruption of the White Island Volcano, to then looking up and yes see the volcano and smoke erupting out of it. Lily and I quickly headed down to the pier to watch all the commotion, and get first hand news from the reporters listening in as they were reporting it live. It still baffles me how they get the news as we were stood there for ages and the only information that we heard was from the reporters themselves. Scarily we only learned after the eruption that the volcano was at level warning 2, and that it's previously erupted in 2000, 2012, 2013 and 2016 but luckily these eruptions were at night so no one was harmed. A very sad story, one which we have followed the whole way, our sympathy's are with the families and the crews of the boats.

See the ash on the side of the boat.

Gisborne. Due to our plans changing we headed down to Gisborne to met up with our Van'mad friends and spent a night of luxury in a paid campsite, on route to Gisborne there was a magnitude 5.3 earthquake in Gisborne, it felt like it was all going off, almost like a scene from 'The day after tomorrow'. Absolutely crazy, its safe to say we were all a little shaken up, especially as the other couple had been on the volcano two days before it erupted.


Sting Rays

Lily and I cheered ourselves up with some of the most exciting sea creatures out there, Sting ray's, yes you read that right, we waded out and fed a pile of sting rays and it was so much fun. The rays come into shore for a clean, due to the 2 orcas passing by a few days before, (yes were still following those pesky orcas down the coast) all the sting rays had berried themselves in the sand to avoid being eaten, therefore they came into shore for us to wipe the dust off them.

Napier, on topic has a big history of earthquakes in fact it was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1931. Napier is also home to New Zealands oldest Prison which we explored, but with New Zealand not being that old itself, the prison isn't very old either it opened in 1862, the prison survived the 1931 earthquake, but it's just on the wonk a little as seen in the picture below.

Hastings. A wonderful exploration and their farmers market was massive! The previous nights sleep was dreadful as the locals decided to have a party next to our van playing house and techno music till 4am, I mean I wouldn't have minded if it was chill music like a bit of good old Sam or Adele, I can sleep to that, but sadly not tech. Therefore Lily and I were craving for a night of no noise and a good night sleep, which we certainly got in Hastings with only the sound of waves which was lovely.

Lake Taupo. Due to some more bad weather coming through we've had to change our plans again and miss the Tongariro Alpine Crossing sadly, but luckily there's lots to in and around Lake Taupo, to be continued in the next van'mad diaries.

Stay tuned for more #Vanlife

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New Zealand's tourist marketing campaign is to wish the world good morning everyday, from different Kiwi's in all parts of New Zealand. As it's to be said that New Zealand is the first to see the sun rise everyday so only right to wish the world a good morning and a good day.

So of course I thought hell YEAH, I want to join in. So I've been wishing the world good morning every morning from each of our locations, so stay tuned.

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