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Van'mad Diaries Rotorua

Kia ora, World and a Happy New Year.

Kia ora is a warm and welcoming greeting you'll hear throughout New Zealand and comes from the indigenous Māori language. Hot off the press in this weeks Van'mad Diaries we are in Rotorua, which is renowned for it's geothermal activity and Maori culture. Bubbling mud pools, Geyser's and that all too well known distinctive sulphurous smell (if you know you know), oh and New Year's Eve.


Happy New Year everyone, I hope we all have a fantastic year full of love, happiness and adventures, I'm sure we all deserve it!

Wai-O-Tapu - Natures amazing thermal wonderland, we watched Lady Knox Geyser erupt, the Champagne pools were amazing with so much colour! Most definitely a geothermal wonderland, with pools of every colour, orange, bright green, you name it.

Skyline Gondola ride and wine tasting, most enjoyable but it felt rather odd to Lily and I adventuring up a mountain in a gondola with no snow underneath us, but most especially to be paying to go up in a gondola as we spent most of last year in gondolas for free!

Redwoods Treewalk Whakarewarewa Forest. This is a board walk through the trees, however everything in Rotorua is costly, I read in the Lonely Planet that you can walk around underneath the tree walk for free and enjoy the night light walk all for zero pennies. So we parked up, cooked up some scrumptious dinner (halloumi burgers) and waited for the sun to go down, I'm super glad we didn't pay to do the night walk and the queue was outrageous, so a big thanks to Lonely Planet for saving my pennies and my patience.

Blue Lake Rotorua

I follow my brothers rules quite closely that life's better in the water, I get in the water as much as I can! The lakes near Rotorua were lovely. However, I did come to the quick realisation that for starters I'm not like any other girl but I definitely need to work on my tanning skills! (see picture at the bottom).

Of course New Years Eve celebrations, always spent in style, although last year I spent it wrapped up in bed listening to the fireworks and everyone else celebrating with absolutely no regrets of that decision. This year celebrated with some van lifers at Rotorua's festival watching the fireworks and accompanied by lots and lots of Fireball.

Plenty more Van'mad Diaries to come, it's a New Year full of new and exciting adventures, as of the 1st of January 2020 Eddie and I went solo, so stay tuned for more about the #solovanlife dramas that I've been encountering,

I can tell you now they're funnier than ever, my mother has been in positive stitches over the phone.

For more up to date drama's from Eddie and I, you can follow me at @Travel_Savvy_Guide but stay savvy for now.

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